ASLA Online III Virtual Conference - May 2008


Lead presenter:
Raylee Elliott-Burns, Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology, QLD, Australia.
Designing learning spaces for (partially) online lives: recombinant architecture

Strand presenters:
Anne Gillespie, Teacher librarian, Mt Samson State School, Mt Samson, QLD, Australia.
A case study: A small school's strategy to make connections with the school community.

James Herring, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia.
Expectations and reality: The role of the teacher librarian in the digital age.

Pru Mitchell, Senior Information Officer,, SA, Australia.
Learning journeys: Sharing the passion.

Judy O'Connell, NSW, Australia.
Blogging as a professional learning tool.

Belinda Spry, Information Officer, Ltd, Dulwich, SA, Australia and Sarah Hayman, Project Officer, Ltd, Dulwoch, SA, Australia.
Collections 2.0: Including users in library collection policy and management in a read/write world.


Lead presenter:
Katina Zammit, Lecturer, School of Education, University of Western Sydney, Penrith, NSW, Australia.
Digital literacy: The cement that binds a world without walls.

Strand presenters:
Liz Blumson, Pauline McLeod, Helen Reynolds, UQL Cyberschool, University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD, Australia.
Delivering in the digital age for the Millennial generation.

Julie Mabb, Learning Engagement Teacher, Education Queensland, QLD, Australia.
Creating e-books to re-engage students in the learning process.

Margaret Meijers, Curriculum Coordinator ICT, New Town High School, New Town, TAS, Australia.
Video games - an essential literacy for the New Millennium.

Pat Pledger, Director, Pledger Consulting, SA, Australia
Literature blogs


Lead presenter:
Joyce Valenza,Teacher librarian, Springfield Township High School, Erdenheim, PA, USA.
Web 2.0 meets information fluency.

Strand presenters:
Barbara Combes, Lecturer, School of Computer and Information Science, Edith Cowan University, WA, Australia.
Techno savvy or just techo oriented? How do the Net Generation search for information?

Gary Green,Head of Library, Presbyterian Ladies' College, WA, Australia.
Information literacy and the new digital paradigm.

Stuart King, Year 8 coordinator (English and Media), Eltham College, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
Here are our monsters.

John Raiti, Head of ICT Curriculum Support, Marist College Ashgrove, QLD, Australia.
It's about culture: How to really integrate ICT

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