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Throughout 2018, ASLA will continue to provide high quality professional development in the form of regular online webinars. It is possible to update your skills and knowledge of current issues relevant to teacher librarians in the comfort of your own home! Webinars are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month, are of one-hour duration and delivered by experts in the field. ASLA is also now a NSW accredited provider of QTC registered professional development so your participation can contribute to the maintenance of your teacher accreditation.

Planned topics for 2018 include Tips for TLs, Using social media in your library, Genrefying the collection, Books awards/Incentives to read, Gamification, Copyright free resources, Cybersafety and updates to copyright laws that impact teacher librarians and many others.

Past Webinars become available on Slideshare some time after their presentation if permission has been granted by the presenter/s.

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August Webinar (Rescheduled from 1 August, 2018)

Date: 29 August, 2018
Topic: Authors to watch out for! 

Webinar Starting Times: The webinar is of one hour duration. Starting time for each state:

Adelaide at 7:00 pm ACDT    
Brisbane at 7:30 pm AEST   
Canberra at 7:30 pm AEST   
Darwin at 7:00 pm ACST
Hobart at 7:30 pm AEST
Melbourne at 7:30 pm AEST
Perth at 5:30 pm AWST
Sydney at 7:30 pm AEST 


Authors: Cameron Macintosh, Catherine Bauer and Sonia Bestulic


Cameron Macintosh
 is the author of more than 90 books in the primary education sector. He began his career in publishing as an editor at Cengage Learning, editing hundreds of books in literacy series including PM Library and Fast Forward. Since 2009, he has written fiction for all primary levels (including leveled readers, plays and assessment texts) as well as many non-fiction titles (including history, sports, science and civics titles). In 2017, the first two titles of his mainstream science-fiction series, Max Booth Future Sleuth, were released by Big Sky Publishing.

Catherine Bauer is a journalist and writer from South Australia. She has worked as a news and political journalist and features writer for various newspapers and publications and is now working as a state government media adviser. Her love of writing started as an eight-year-old where she wrote and illustrated her own book. She has now written and published three children’s plays and has two picture books set for publication in 2018.

Sonia Bestulic was born and grew up in Sydney, enjoying a childhood filled with wonderful books, a passion for writing, and musically entwined, having played the violin until her late teens, including performances at the Sydney Opera House. Sonia is Founder of Talking Heads Speech Pathology, the well-known, reputable Sydney based clinics established in 2006. A long term advocate for children’s learning and literacy, Sonia continues to write and speak when it comes to all things children.


Cameron Macintosh: Max Booth Future Sleuth: Using the Future to Discuss the Present
Webinar attendees will have knowledge of the premise, and the genesis, of this new science-fiction series, and tips about how it can be used to assist in the delivery of educational outcomes and as a catalyst for classroom and family discussions about changing technology. They will also be able to talk to students about how the author’s historical explorations translated into fiction set in the distant future.

The presentation will:

  • provide suggestions for how teachers can take their own approaches to using the Max Booth series in the classroom.
  • show how teachers can apply their own memories and life experiences to their use of the Max Booth books in educational settings;
  • suggest particular learning goals that teachers can hope to achieve with the help of the Max Booth books;
  • highlight the relevance of the Max Booth series to English and Technology studies;
  • suggest practical ways, such as art and craft activities, that teachers will be able to conduct with students, using the Max Booth books as an imaginative prompt.;
  • respectfully acknowledge the extra skills, experience and knowledge that teachers will be able to bring to all of the above.

Presenting two consecutive webinars in September and October,  2018
Both webinars are NESA accredited in NSW.  ACT attendees can receive accreditation through TQI if they attend both webinars. See further information about accreditation below.

September Webinar

Date: Wednesday 5 September, 2018
Topic: Copyright-free Resources: the world of education-friendly online resources
Time: 7.30pm AEST. For different time zones, see above.

Presenters: Kate Reid (Head of Libraries, Hutchins School, Tasmania) Katie Stanley (Secondary Teacher-librarian, The Friends School, Hobart, Tasmania ) and Catherine Duffett, Junior School Teacher-librarian, The Friends School, Hobart, Tasmania)

Abstract: Sourcing, using and sharing copyright-free resources is not only budget-friendly, it is also a great way to demonstrate to your school community the principles behind Creative Commons licences and public domain media. Join three enthusiastic teacher-librarians for an exploration of the different types of resources available online, how to find them and ways to use them.

October Webinar

This webinar is free to ASLA members.

Date: Wednesday 3 October, 2018
Topic: Updates to Copyright: implications for schools
Time: 7.30pm AEST. For different time zones, see above.

Presenter: Jessica Coates (Copyright Law and Policy Adviser, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, Australian National Library)

Abstract: Jessica will explain the latest changes to copyright and how they impact our use if resources in schools.


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Please register below to book a place at the September webinar - Copyright-free Resources

Member Registration: 40.00 + $4.00 GST
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Please register below to book a place at the October webinar - Copyright: implications for schools
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Attending only the live presentation of a webinar will contribute 1 hour of NESA Registered Professional Development. Viewing after the event can provide accreditation for Teacher Identified Professional development.

 ACT attendees can receive accreditation through TQI if they attend both copyright webinars. For TQI accreditation, professional learning must be of two hours duration.

Cancellation policy

Should you be unable to attend the webinar, a substitute delegate is welcome.  All cancellations or alterations to registration must be made via an email to the webinar organiser at the Australian School Library Association. 

  • A refund of 50% of the registration fee will be made on cancellations received 3 weeks before the event.
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