By-laws of the Australian School Library Association Incorporated

By-law 1: Direct membership

The application fee is the first year's annual subscription. All existing members of ASLA Member Associations remain members of ASLA at the time the State/Territory association ceases to exist. - MORE

By-law 2: Association Membership

Annual subscription fees are determined by the Board at the last meeting of each calendar year. Members will be notified of any changes 12 months in advance of the renewal period. - MORE

By-law 3: Elections

Dates and timeline for nominations and voting will be determined as part of the annual calendar to be approved at the final Board meeting for each year. Nominations and elections take place before the Annual General Meeting. Any nominator, nominee or elected officer must be a financial member of the Association. No person can hold more than one position on the Board. - MORE

By-law 4: Board

Any changes to the Board are by special resolution passed by Voting Members as part of any Constitutional amendment through an Annual General Meeting. - MORE

By-law 5: Project Teams

Project Teams may be formed for specific purposes that may be either short or long term. The Board determines the scope and terms of reference for each team. For short-term teams a proposal must be presented to the Board for consideration. - MORE

By-law 6: Meetings

The annual calendar of meetings, as approved by the Board, will be available to members via the website. Members will be notified of the meeting schedule via email. - MORE

By-law 7: Remunerated personnel

The Board shall determine the timeframe for the process. - MORE