Strategic plan

A. Leadership

i. Review, update and develop policy statements and standards to provide leadership in current professional practice.

ii. Identify and develop publications of national significance for school libraries and the profession.

iii. Develop and deliver professional learning.

iv. Develop and lead a futures focus for school libraries and teacher librarians.

v. Develop and deliver advocacy campaigns.

B. Management

i. Develop and implement a Director Induction Program for Board members to develop skills and knowledge for effective participation and decision making.

ii. Review, develop and implement internal guidelines and procedures to guide the business operations of the Association to attain principles of good governance.

C. Relationships

i. Identify and celebrate the achievement of highly accomplished professionals.

ii. Develop partnerships to support a national focus on literacy development.

iii. Identify and progress opportunities to build long-term relationships with external partners to ultimately benefit members of the Association.

iv. Provide an open forum for collaboration, contribution and communication through the national journal, Access and the web site.

Download the Strategic and Action Plan - 2017-2019 [PDF]

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