The Australian Government’s Cybersafety Resources and Initiatives


Budd:e cyber security and safety education package is a series of media rich and interactive learning activities in two learning modules to help students adopt safe and secure online practices and behaviours.


Consultative Working Group on Cybersafety
The Consultative Working Group on Cybersafety (CWG) considers the broad range of cybersafety issues and advises government to ensure properly-developed and targeted policy initiatives to protect Australian children from online risks including cyberbullying, exposure to illegal content and privacy breaches.

The group meets four times a year and has members drawn from community groups, internet service providers, industry associations, business and government.

Cooperative Arrangement for Complaints Handling on Social Networking Sites
Cooperative Arrangement for Complaints Handling on Social Networking Sites (the Protocol) was developed through close cooperation with industry and has been agreed to by Facebook, Google (YouTube), Yahoo! and Microsoft. The Protocol assists in improving the information that social networking sites make available to their users about their handling of complaints for material posted online, and to highlight and educate users on mechanisms to deal with problems which arise on their sites.


The Cybersafety Help Button
The Cybersafety Help Button is a FREE downloadable resource providing a one-stop-shop for cybersafety information. The Help Button is easy to use, install and is available 24 hours a day. Once downloaded, it serves as a constant online companion that assists users of any age to take control of their online world.

Users have the option to TALK to someone about online issues that are of concern, REPORT inappropriate online content or behaviour, and LEARN about how to be a good digital citizen. The Help Button can be used on mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry along with web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It can also be downloaded directly onto a laptop or PC.

Cybersmart Program
The Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart Program is a national cybersafety and cybersecurity education program designed to encourage participation in the digital economy by providing information and education which empowers children to be safe online.


Student Wellbeing Hub
The resources available on the Student Wellbeing Hub help to create learning communities that promote student wellbeing and the development of respectful relationships. 
Skooville is a a mediated social networking site where children aged 6-14 years old can experience first-hand how to keep themselves safe online. It gives young children a guided experience, the confidence, the skills and the knowledge to better protect themselves online.

Teachers use Skooville to teach digital literacy, introducing students to essential web skills in a fun learning environment. Children can also explore independently, taking part in a range of educational activities, games and projects.

Parents guide to online safety
This guide offers practical issue focused information and advice for parents of children of all ages. Topics covered include:

- Cyberbullying
- Social networking
- Unwanted contact
- Sexting
- Inappropriate contact
- Online safeguards


Youth Advisory Group on Cybersafety
The Youth Advisory Group on Cybersafety (YAG) is a group of young Australians aged from 8 to17 who provide a young person’s perspective on cybersafety issues through moderated and secure online discussion forums. YAG plays a critical role in providing advice to government on cybersafety and the development of cybersafety policy, resources and educational material.

All Australian primary and secondary schools are eligible to register to participate in the YAG. In addition, a Cybersafety Summit is held each year for a number of primary and secondary YAG members, their parents and teachers. The Summit provides the opportunity for selected participants to meet with representatives of government and industry to discuss cybersafety issues through face to face consultations. The Summit also gives YAG members the opportunity to meet other students from across Australia and share their experiences and ideas on cybersafety.

   Safe Schools Hub
The Safe Schools Hub is underpinned by the National Safe Schools Framework which aims to ensure that all Australian schools are safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities that promote student wellbeing.

The Safe Schools Hub includes the Safe Schools Toolkit, a professional learning module and a section for parents with further resources being developed.

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