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  • Lyon Declaration

    Date: 18 October 2014

    Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development - ASLA a signatory

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  • First Wednesday Webinars

    Date: 15 January 2014

    Watch out for news about the next topic. It’s easy to register.

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  • ASLA Conference 2015

    Date: 07 November 2014

    Australian School Library Association Conference 2015 - Provoking the future: school libraries, pedagogy and technology. To be held at The Playhouse, Women’s College, University of Queensland from 29-30 September 2015 with an optional day for school library and book shop tours on 1 October.

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  • Australian Curriculum resources

    Date: 26 August 2013

    ASLA has a partnership with Booktopia through which our organisation benefits from your purchases of resources specifically related to the Australian National Curriculum.

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  • EduTECH 2015

    Date: 25 July 2014

    ASLA is working in association with EduTECH to ensure that teacher librarians and school libraries are represented in the program.

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  • E-books in learning

    Date: 25 November 2013

    'E-books in learning: a beginner's guide' provides ideas, strategies and school-based examples of how to use e-books in schools.

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