Resourcing the curriculum

The achievement of many of the common and agreed goals of schooling is dependent on the school's ability to deliver a curriculum supported by a relevant, dynamic and responsive collection of information resources. Resource provision is an integral part of curriculum development. Effective resourcing of the curriculum ensures that:

  • every student has equitable access to a variety of quality, relevant, accurate and current information resources;
  • the students' personal growth is supported by resources that meet their development needs and interests;
  • the teachers' effectiveness is enhanced by access to recent curriculum and professional development materials.

The curriculum is resourced through:

  • a collection of learning resources and equipment organised, access and circulated through a whole-of-the school resource management system that includes all information services.
  • the provision of access to human and material resources and information in the wider community, for example, the State library, public libraries, community information agencies and electronic resources.

Within this context, the development of a balanced collection is the responsibility of the teacher librarian working in collaboration with all staff and within a framework of broader school policies. The ultimate responsibility for quality and effectiveness rests with the school executive.


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Last updated: 12/4/2018 3:09:13 PM