Recommended minimum information services centre staffing

From (Learning for the future: developing information services in schools, Second edition, pp. 65 & 68)

A number of factors determine the staffing required to provide learners with responsive library resource and information services. Table 6 gives the basic allocations needed to provide the information services considered essential to the facilitation of resource-based learning and information access.

Table 6 provides minimal recommendations for staffing the library resource component of the information services team. It is based on surveys of Australian schools and is linked to the number of teaching staff (including administration). The distribution of library support-staff time between different types of support staff should be determined by schools after consideration of school needs.

When considering the time allocation for teacher librarians, schools should take into account the specialist nature of the role in ensuring equitable working conditions relative to other teachers. The teaching component of the role, and the planning and evaluation related to this, assumes that specialist teachers receive pro-rata equivalence of relief from face-to-face teaching as do other teachers. For the person in charge of the information services team, administrators should consider head of department positions in the school in determining this allocation.

In addition to teaching, these teachers require adequate time allocation (in the range of 20 to 35 per cent) for information services management tasks including:

  • collaboration with all teachers for program planning and resourcing;
  • resource selection, organisation and promotion;
  • administration of information services facilities and budgets;
  • management of support staff.

Consideration should also be made in terms of issues such as:
  • opening hours of facilities and provision of adequate breaks for staff;
  • the number and range of students specialist teachers interact with per day.

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