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  • Access Current Issue Content

    Date posted: 03 September 2016

    Peruse the Table of Contents of Access, Vol. 30, issue 3, 2016.

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  • September Webinar 2016

    Date posted: 03 September 2016

    Australian Kids and Family Reading report by Scholastic. 

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  • Roald Dahl Read-a-thon

    Date posted: 03 September 2016

    13 September 2016 is the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth and to celebrate...

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  • Free ebook

    Date posted: 02 September 2016

    Myra Books offer free Ebook with purchase

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  • Free research events

    Date posted: 02 September 2016

    Reserve a place at free research events

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  • Teacher Librarian context

    Date posted: 25 March 2014

    Are you looking for ways to see how teacher librarians fit into the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers?

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  • 10 reasons to use technology

    Date posted: 07 October 2013

    This short video captures ten top reasons to use technology in the classroom.

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  • Technology trends to watch

    Date posted: 21 June 2013

    The NMC Horizon Report: 2013 K-12 is a must read.

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  • Teacher librarians and evidence based practice

    Date posted: 17 December 2013

    Our congratulations to Ann Gillespie on receiving her PhD. Dr Ann Gillespie has provided us with a very useful and interesting dissertation on teacher librarians and evidence based practice.

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  • Guidelines for social media

    Date posted: 27 December 2012

    Mobile devices were definitely on the Christmas list for 2012. As an effective tool for communication, collaboration and creativity in the classroom it is important that some planning happens to avoid any potential risks of use.

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  • Social media and professional practice

    Date posted: 30 October 2012

    The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership features teacher's view on what makes them so passionate about education.

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  • Self-assessment tool trial with AITSL

    Date posted: 15 October 2012

    AITSL is developing a Self-Assessment Tool to be used by teachers in a range of contexts. The tool will provide teachers at various stages in their career with the ability to assess their performance against the National Professional Standards for Teachers.

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  • School improvement forum

    Date posted: 10 October 2012

    Minister for School Education, Peter Garrett, and Parliamentary Secretary for School Education, Jacinta Collins, invite you to participate in a forum to discuss the National Plan for School Improvement.

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  • School library advocacy resources

    Date posted: 24 October 2013

    Advocacy for any cause needs to be a continuous process, so here are some resources that will help you along the way.

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  • Safer Internet Day

    Date posted: 16 February 2013

    How did you get involved in the Safer Internet Day on 5 February?

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  • Resourcing the Australian Curriculum

    Date posted: 10 October 2013

    Keynote address by Professor Barry McGaw for the ASLA XXIII Biennial Conference 2013.

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  • Government unveils reading blitz

    Date posted: 25 February 2013

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard is calling on the states to sign up to a three-year intensive reading program for schools as a condition of her education funding plan.

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  • New campaign to support literacy and reading

    Date posted: 14 November 2012

    At the National Year of Reading 2012 Legacy event held at the National Library of Australia, Arts Minister Simon Crean announced a new national campaign to promote early literacy and reading skills following the overwhelming success of the 2012 National Year of Reading initiative.

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  • Learning everywhere

    Date posted: 03 December 2012

    Michael Stephens proposes that with the power of emerging technologies, the potential of the personal learning network, and the possibilities for newer methods of instruction, both teacher librarians and their students are on a positive path toward an emerging landscape of constant learning and growth.

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  • Helping to keep kids safe online

    Date posted: 20 May 2013

    Project 13 is an initiative of national and state school library associations, national library association, philanthropic and corporate partners to help keep kids and teens safe online.

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  • Do you know what ASLA does for its members and the profession?

    Date posted: 28 November 2012

    Recently the ASLA Board held a webinar where they presented information on what the association does for its members and the profession.

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  • Future learning

    Date posted: 26 August 2013

    This short documentary endorses the strong need for literacy, reading and information literacy capabilities for our students to be successful.

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  • Copyright and Digital Economy submission

    Date posted: 03 September 2012

    The Australian Law Reform Commission seeks submissions from a broad cross-section of the community, as well as from those with a special interest in a particular inquiry.

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  • 2013 conference | Registration open

    Date posted: 13 March 2013

    With a focus on curriculum, delegates will be able to make connections within and across learning areas by building expertise in the integration of technologies, literacies and literature. Build leadership skills to make innovative and informed curriculum connections in your school.

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  • 2013 conference date claimer

    Date posted: 11 November 2012

    The 2013 ASLA Biennial Conference will be held in Hobart, 28th September to 1st October at the Grand Chancellor Hobart.

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  • The changing role of teacher librarians

    Date posted: 10 March 2013

    A short video on how teacher librarians are improving students' and teachers' lives every day.

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  • Blooms taxonomy applied

    Date posted: 18 April 2013

    The guys from ITC Publications will be presenting a workshop at the ASLA XXIII Biennial Conference. Check out this presentation on Blooms taxonomy applied.

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  • ASLA information slideshow

    Date posted: 22 March 2013

    The Australian School Library Association Board present information on what the association does for members and the profession with a major focus on 2013 events, programs, and happenings.

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  • A national approach to the certification provides an opportunity for teacher librarians

    Date posted: 25 September 2012

    A national approach to voluntary certification based on the National Professional Standards for Teachers will be implemented in 2013. The certification process will ensure that teachers, in every system and sector, have access to a rigorous and transparent process that recognises Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers and is portable throughout Australia.

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