2017 ASLA Biennial Conference Keynotes

Date posted: 09 April 2017
Jenny Luca
Head of Digital Learning and Practice, Wesley College
Jenny will address Challenges and Changes in our roles in school libraries.
Her address is entitled is Changing Lanes: time to signal your intentions. 
What are the signs that it’s time to change lanes? As the future races to overtake us, what do we need to keep doing and what can we let go? Is it too late to signal our intentions, change lanes, and meet the challenges and opportunities that the future presents?

Paul Macdonald
Owner Children’s Bookshop
Paul will address changes and challenges in children’s literature
What are the major changes in children’s literature and how can we best prepare for future changes to ensure children continue to embrace and enjoy reading?

Dr Kate Sweetapple
Associate Dean, University of Technology
Kate will address challenges and changes in space and design.
She is a visual communication design academic with a special interest in data sense-making and information aesthetics. Her focus will on major design elements that will make our libraries contemporary, inviting and welcoming spaces.

Dr Tim Hart
Director of Public Engagement, Museum Victoria
Tim will address challenges and changes in technology.
‘What can we do to ensure that our libraries and our positions thrive and survive in the face of increasing technology-induced change?

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