Resourcing the Australian Curriculum

Date posted: 10 October 2013

Professor Barry McGaw, Chair of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority opened the ASLA XXIII Biennial Conference with his keynote address entitled, Resourcing and supporting the Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is organised under learning areas, which reflect traditional disciplines of knowledge, and general capabilities, which some call 21st century skills. A third dimension provides for three current cross-curriculum priorities that are given special attention in the expectation that, in due course, they will become securely established in curriculum.

The curriculum is constructed with content (knowledge, understanding and skills) at its centre. All three dimensions (learning areas, general capabilities and current cross-curriculum priorities) are provided for through the one set of content descriptions, with the online curriculum making clear which elements of each dimension are served by each content description. With respect to all three dimensions, the content is sequenced developmentally through the years of schooling.

The content descriptions present students' learning entitlements. Except for a few cases where the content descriptions imply pedagogy (such as in the teaching of initial reading skills which attention to phonics), questions of pedagogy are seen as matters for teachers and schools and, in some cases, school systems.

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