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Exciting ASLA conference sponsorship opportunities

In 2015 the Australian School Library Association’s conference will be held at at The Playhouse Women’s College, University of Queensland on Tuesday 29 September and Wednesday 30 September 2015 with an optional day for school library and book shop tours on Thursday 1 October.

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Exciting new ASLA conference sponsorship opportunities

The first round of trade fair / sponsorship opportunities has now been filled. To allow commercial enterprises more involvement in the conference please contact the ASLA conference committee if you wish to take advantage of one, or more, of the following new sponsorship opportunities:

A. $110.00 (unlimited opportunities available)

Promotional materials (150) delivered to the venue ready for distribution (to delegates’ seats) which could include, but is not limited to: flyer, catalogue, sample product, pen, stylus pen, USB, drink bottle, mouse pad, computer mouse, sticky notes pad, key ring, clothing. Two sponsors have already reserved conference bags and lanyards.

B. $550.00 (10 sponsorship opportunities available) 9 remaining

Speaker sponsorship (includes: your company banners with a maximum of 2 on stage, introduction to speaker/s with 1 x PowerPoint slide promoting your company during introduction and vote of thanks to the speaker/s)

C. $990.00 (4 sponsorship opportunities available)

Morning Tea per day for 150 delegates
Afternoon Tea per day for 150 delegates

D. $2,200.00 (2 sponsorship opportunities available) 1 remaining

Speaker sponsorship for the whole day of five sessions (includes: your company banners (maximum of 2) on stage, introduction to speakers with 1 x PowerPoint slide promoting your company during introduction and vote of thanks to each of the speakers)

E. $3,300.00 (2 sponsorship opportunities available)

Lunch per day for 150 delegates

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