ASLA Online III Virtual Conference - 2008

Under Construction: A World Without Walls

"The World is Flat" - Thomas L. Friedman (2006)
With the availability of personal computing, the Internet, the World Wide Web and Web 2.0 tools, millions of people have become creators and sharers of information in a socially-networked, digital world. Global connectivity and collaboration is more than one-to-many; it is, potentially, the power-of-many.

This international online conference, hosted by the Australian School Library Association, brought together a range of educators to consider, discuss and explore the educational potential of a globally connected world.

This virtual conference was hosted by the Australian School Library Association (ASLA) and was supported by our sponsors - Curriculum Corporation: Curriculum Press, Syba Signs and Teacher Librarianship @ CSU.

The conference theme was Under Construction: a World Without Walls, with the following conference strands.

1. Digital literacy: Building and providing online literary experiences

  • Enriching reading experiences for children and young adults
  • Creating e-books with a difference
  • Blogging the e-journal
  • Utilising computer games and interactive sites

2. Digital environments: Designing and applying collaborative tools for learning

  • Ultising Web 2.0 tools for learning
  • Constructing the virtual 24/7 school library and learning spaces
  • Capturing digital knowledge creation
  • Practising safe use policy and procedures

3. Digital pedagogy: Crafting and exercising digital teaching and learning practices

  • Designing e-learning curriculum programs
  • Exercising digital information ethics and social responsibility
  • Repackaging information literacy in a digital age
  • Promoting responsible digital copyright practices

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