Webinar program 2018

Throughout 2018, ASLA will continue to provide high quality professional development in the form of regular online webinars. It is possible to update your skills and knowledge of current issues relevant to teacher librarians in the comfort of your own home! Webinars are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month, are of one-hour duration and delivered by experts in the field. ASLA is also now a NSW accredited provider of QTC registered professional development so your participation can contribute to the maintenance of your teacher accreditation.

Planned webinar program for 2018

Date Topic
7th March Reading Awards/Reading Incentives
4th April Graphic novels
2nd May Social media in the library
24th May Book Week
6th June Meet the Board/ Tips for beginning TLS
[This webinar will be free to members]
4th June Genrefying the collection
1st August Copyright Free Resources
5th September Cyber Safety
3rd October Gaming and Literature
7th November Max Booth Super Sleuth
End of year TBC Updates to Copyright
[This webinar will be free to members]

Current webinar registration

Last updated: 3/4/2018 4:52:39 PM