Libraries should not exist anymore

by Matthew Esterman and Stefanie Gaspari

ACCESS, Vol. 32, Issue 4, 2018, pp. 4-10

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Before the ‘World Wide Web’ for a few became ‘being online’ for everyone, we used to go to the library for many reasons. Before Google, before Siri, before smartphones, before apps that help you sleep because you spend too much time on the very device on which the app has been installed, when handles meant something you literally twist and turn and when the news cycle was blissfully paced … we had libraries.

We needed to ask a question, we needed the latest research, we needed advice on which book to read next … or perhaps we just needed a safe, comfortable space. Whatever world we needed to enter, it was there. Whatever thinker from the past we needed, simply conjure them from the pages of their writing.

It was the place we housed our thoughts, our dreams, our selves.

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