Editorial - Current Issue

Access, Vol. 32, issue 2, 2018, p.3.

Rachel Hoare, Editor

Welcome to another fascinating issue of ACCESS, with a very informative article written by Dave Canavan of Stile Education, on 'embracing the new revolution'. He explains how not to use technology and ways you should use it effectively in your teaching practice. He provides clear guidelines, following SOLO Taxonomy, with class examples to help students move from surface learning to deeper understanding.

I hope you enjoy reading 'The Life and Legacy of Professor James Henri', compiled by Elizabeth Greef, with contributions from various colleagues and friends, from both near and far. He was 'one of the giants of the teacher librarian profession', who believed in the potential of students and colleagues and empowered others to develop their expertise and practice. His academic career was broad-ranging, with him working at 32 universities worldwide. He was the driving force behind the establishment of the Centre for Studies in Teacher Librarianship (CSTL) 'He was an innovator, a true lateral thinker, a positive disruptor and a visionary.' Thank you to all the contributors for this reflective and celebratory article about such a remarkable man, whose legacy will clearly live on and inspire and influence others in the teacher librarian profession.

Tracey Grice brings us 'Library lessons: labour or love', the action research she presented at the ASLA XXV Conference last year. Heather Catchpole then introduces us to exciting ways to address 'the digital disruption in skills and career pathways'. Created by Refraction Media, the Careers with STEM platform addresses the issues of globalisation, collaboration and automation, acknowledging the skills gap, as it helps prepare students for the changing workforce. With a focus on STEM subjects and digital technologies, the Careers with STEM magazines and resources help students combine their STEM skills with their other interests and passions. These are invaluable resources that I am sure you will find useful.

Philip Minchin brings us Part 2 of his tabletop games article, where he presents concrete examples of games you can use to teach the different 'literacies'. Philip explains the strategies, skills, techniques and tricks students will learn and the important life lessons they will acquire in the process.

Margo Pickworth spent a month volunteering in a school in the tiny Himalayan country of Bhutan. Working on their reading program, Margo describes the amazing experiences she had. Her gorgeous photos make me want to travel there myself!

We have a short piece by Gregg Dreise, and articles about e-safety resources, CBCA Book Week, and National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day. Finally, we have Sandy Amoore's President's 2018 report to the AGM. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandy for her amazingly hard work and dedication to ASLA and, in particular, to ACCESS, which she has steered for many years. I wouldn't have been able to do my job without her invaluable support and encouragement. Take care and enjoy yourself, Sandy. I look forward to seeing you at future ASLA conferences and events.

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