From the President - Current Issue

Access, Vol. 32, issue 2, 2018, p.2.

President, Kate Reid

Our profession is such an exciting, multi-faceted landscape of exploration and innovation that I’m sure I could keep turning up to work till I’m 94 and still be finding new surprises every day! The one thing that will come as no surprise is the immense talent, skill, knowledge and generosity of our colleagues in the school library community. While we are speaking of generosity, I would like to congratulate and thank our outgoing Board members on their contributions to our profession: President Sandy Amoore, Secretary Marty Marshman, and Treasurer Anne Lockwood. Sandy and Anne, in particular, have been members of the ASLA Board for many years, and their leadership and advice have been invaluable. Over the past year we also enjoyed the assistance of Shelly McMorran and Nikki Adams, and we welcomed Kate Sautner as the representative of the South Australian School Library Association, and our new Administrative Assistant, Sophie Partington.

At our AGM and May face-to-face meeting we welcomed our new Board: with me as President filling a vacancy, Claire Elliott as Secretary, Robin Zeidler as Treasurer, and Directors Margo Pickworth, June Wall, Jane Viner, Morag Tunks, Kate Sautner and Kerry Pope. The position of Vice-President remains vacant. Our Board members come from a variety of school systems, bringing a diversity of experience and perspectives to the task of representing school library professionals across our nation.

The May meeting was a great opportunity to work together to develop our shared vision for ASLA, creating a Strategic Plan and allocating duties to the Board Directors. Through our discussions we came to a shared understanding of the issues we believe are important to our members and the wider profession and designed a program of activities to move towards each goal. The variety of backgrounds of our Board became an enormous asset at this point — Directors were able to volunteer to take on roles that matched their areas of expertise and interest. If you are interested in contributing to any of ASLA’s activities, please get in touch. We always welcome input and assistance. To keep up with the latest plans and initiatives, please keep an eye on the ASLA website or find us on social media as @aslanational.

This issue of ACCESS is another illustration of the diversity inherent in school libraries, with excellent examples of the ways that school libraries cater to the diverse needs of their school communities every day; through clever innovation, appropriate integration of technology, and a firm commitment to serving the needs of students and staff. As we hit the mid-point of the school year, perhaps it is time to pause and reflect on the services your school library offers to its community — what’s working well? Which areas could do with a little attention? Is there anything that has outlived its usefulness? Is there a bold new idea you’d love to try? Maybe there is something in the virtual pages of this journal which will strike a spark for you! I frequently find my best ideas come from the examples of my peers — learning how someone else identified the solution to a problem gives me new tools to address the needs of my own school community. I hope that in the work of ASLA and the pages of ACCESS you find some inspiration to help you succeed in your own goals.

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