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Access, Vol. 31, issue 3, 2017

Editorial by Access Editor, Rachel Hoare

From the President by ASLA President, Sandra Amoore

Is ELIZA human, and can she write a sonnet?: a look at language technology
Jane Abrams

National Library of Australia: delivering a digital treasure trove to the classroom
Cathie Oats and Ian Bushnell

Creating a community of readers
Josephine Laretive

Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year 2017

Australian Teacher Librarian of the Year 2017: Reaffirming and celebrating the pivotal role of teacher librarians in our school libraries
Ailsa Hill

ASLA XXV Conference

Social media accessibility and inclusion is a crucial consideration
Philip Jenkinson

Meet Your Board

A magic circle of play ... one that's a whole world wide
Philip Minchin

The role of leadership in the Ongoing Importance of School Libraries
Nikki Curtis

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