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School libraries will be engaging in events and activities to celebrate NYR 2012. 
The following teaching units, activites and resource list have been prepared by the Australian School Library Association NYR 2012 Project Team.

Teaching unit - Postcards Around Australia (Years 3 & 4 -- adaptable for different year levels)

Teaching unit - Picture map of Australia (Year 3)

Teaching unit - Board game for Are We There Yet (Year 6)

Journeys in and around Australia resource list

Crossword Australian Capital Cities

Crossword Wildlife in Are we there yer?

Word Search based on the picture book Are we there yet?

Word Search Places

Get Caught Reading - Can you catch your students in the reading act?

  • Take snaps of students and staff absorbed in reading related activities in the library and beyond.
  • Put the focus on Reading - run an in-school competition for the 'most absorbed reader' or 'most interesting reading space'.
  • Discover how your students engage with a text.
  • Display on bulletin boards in your library, publish in your school newsletters.
  • Send in to the Australian School Library Association for an ongoing advocacy campaign and support of the NYR2012.

Permission forms for ASLA submissions are available:

Completed forms must accompany submitted images.

Photos will be uploaded on the ASLA website with a selection also published in Access, the national journal of ASLA.

Try a “Get Caught Reading” campaign. Take your camera with you when you walk the halls.  Snap shots of students absorbed in reading related activities.

Are we there yet? Display Kit

In this kit you will find an A2 map of Australia, showing the route that the Are we there yet? family travelled, plus seven A3 posters, with images from their journey.

This display kit has been produced so you can celebrate the National Year of Reading by creating your own display around the theme book and in doing so promote the importance of reading for everyone, wherever you are in Australia.

Display kit order form [Word document]

Visit the National Year of Reading 2012 web site for more information.
Download the National Year of Reading poster

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