The Value of School Libraries in Learning

Softlink Australian School Library Survey

Principal findings from the Softlink Australian School Library Survey.
In 2013, Softlink conducted a follow-up survey to the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Australian School Library Survey, which looked into Australian school library budgets, qualified staffing levels and NAPLAN literacy results. This follow-up survey has allowed Softlink to compare and report the findings from all surveys.
What are the top 7 challenges for school libraries?

School libraries 21C, 2010

Report on the School libraries 21C online discussion, commissioned by School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit, Curriculum K-12 Directoriate, NSW Department of Education and Training.

School Libraries work 2008

School Libraries Work!: Research Foundation Paper 2008, Scholastic Research and Results

Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement: a Review of the Research, 2003

Report for the Australian School Library Association by Michele Lonsdale, Australian Council for Educational Research, 2003.

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