The Value of School Libraries in Learning

CMIS Research -- Research studies continue to show that an active school library program run by a trained teacher librarian makes a significant difference to student learning outcomes.

IASL: School Libraries Make a Difference is a collation of links to research reports.

School Libraries Work!: Research Foundation Paper 2008, Scholastic Research and Results

Softlink Australian School Library Survey

Principal findings from the Softlink Australian School Library Survey.
In 2013, Softlink conducted a follow-up survey to the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Australian School Library Survey, which looked into Australian school library budgets, qualified staffing levels and NAPLAN literacy results. This follow-up survey has allowed Softlink to compare and report the findings from all surveys.

School libraries 21C, 2010

Report on the School libraries 21C online discussion, commissioned by School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit, Curriculum K-12 Directoriate, NSW Department of Education and Training.

The Australian School Libraries Research Project, 2008

A partnership between the Australian School Library Association (ASLA), the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and Edith Cowan University (ECU).

Snapshot of Australian School Libraries

Snapshot of Australian Teacher Librarians

Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement: a Review of the Research, 2003

Report for the Australian School Library Association by Michele Lonsdale, Australian Council for Educational Research, 2003.

Student Learning through Ohio School Libraries, 2003

Student learning through Ohio school libraries, Part 1: How effective school libraries help students in School Libraries Worldwide,  2005.

Student learning through Ohio school libraries, Part 2: Faculty perceptions of effective school libraries in School Libraries Worldwide, 2005.

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