Resources for reading development

Last updated 19 July, 2018. Look for ***New***

Resources to assist teacher-librarians, teachers, parents and care-giver in supporting children's reading development. 
To support the variety of reading activities that children engage in at school, parents and care givers can visit the Queensland Government's What works section of the Autism Hub and Reading Centre’s website.

Supporting reading at home
This Queensland government webpage provides ideas on how to engage children in reading at home. Parent resources provide suitable ideas for supporting reading in all phases of learning.

***New*** Teacher Trending
Editions of Teacher Trending (ACER) brings  a selection of popular Teacher articles, podcasts and infographics on a particular topic. This collection looks at reading, sharing some of the latest research about why students like to read and how oral vocabularly knowledge helps children learn to read. Provides inspiration for educators across all levels of schooling.


Last updated: 7/19/2018 2:25:11 PM