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By-law 7

By-law 7: Remunerated Personnel

 Reviewed and accepted: 20 August 2020

7.1. Advertising positions

  • The Board shall determine the timeframe for the process.
  • The Board shall determine the criteria, position description, role statement and terms of employment.
  • The positions and relevant information shall be advertised through ASLA lists and website.

7.2. Selection and appointment

  • The panel shall consist of the President and two (2) other members of the Board.
  • The Board shall decide criteria for selection.
  • Written applications will only be considered if the criteria have been addressed.
  • If necessary, applicants may need to be interviewed by teleconference.
  • The Board will notify successful applicants in writing.
  • The Board will set fees and other payments.

7.3. Terms of engagement

  • Both parties will sign a work agreement.

7.4. Review of remunerated personnel

  • The remunerated personnel shall submit an annual report to the review committee detailing the success of their role.
  • Work agreements will be reviewed annually at the last Board meeting of the calendar year.
  • Fees and other payments will be reviewed annually prior to the presentation of the budget at the first meeting of the Board in the financial year.
  • Work agreements will be finalised before the beginning of the next financial year.

7. 5. Dismissal and appeal

  • The Board shall give the contractor ten (10) business’ days written notice to remedy an issue under the work agreement, and if the contractor fails to do so, the Board may immediately terminate the agreement.
  • Through discussions between ASLA’s authorised officer, who signed the agreement, or the officer currently holding the office and the contractor, the parties will try to resolve the dispute.
  • If after fourteen (14) days the discussions have not resolved the dispute then the dispute may be subject to court proceedings, or submitted to an alternative dispute resolution process, as agreed in writing by both parties.
  • The contractor may terminate the agreement by giving the Board thirty (30) business days’ notice in writing.

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