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Future Learning Paper

Future Learning & School Libraries

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Australian school students are immersed in a rapidly changing world. Their learning experiences and outcomes are influenced by an array of international and national trends. As stated above, in the cited second goal of the Melbourne Declaration (MCEETYA, 2008, p.8), they need an education that will enable them to become successful learners and informed citizens. The Australia in the Asian century white paper clearly states the need to invest in skills development to ensure all Australians can participate in and contribute to Australia’s productivity and future (Australian Government, 2012). It is imperative for the growth and well-being of Australia that educational policy and school leadership respond constructively to these trends.

Teacher librarians and school libraries have a pivotal role to play in 21st century education and this paper presents an overview of:

    • International and national trends that impact on all aspects of education
    • The impact of digital technologies and the role of teacher librarians in the implementation of digital literacy
    • The changing learning environment and how school libraries can support student learning
    • The role teacher librarians can play within an education that builds capacity for student and staff learning.

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