Best Australian Novels Survey

Date: 21 November 2017

Complete the survey here.
Completing the survey will allow us to use member recommendations from across Australia to help compile lists of the best Australian fiction in three different age groups: Primary (up to and including Year 4), Middle (up to and including Year 8) and Secondary/Senior Secondary (up to the end of Year 12) The results will be made available to you early next year.
This is an important initiative, designed to provide school library staff with an invaluable resource to encourage and facilitate reading for pleasure, as well as improved literacy outcomes. It can be used with school library colleagues, teachers, students, parents and others in the school community, to promote the importance of highly recommended, quality Australian fiction which is both relevant and relatable to the reader.
Where possible, please nominate picture books and other fiction formats that are currently in print or readily available in our school libraries.  
All members of the school library profession are welcome to respond.
Thank you in anticipation of your support for this ASLA initiative.